Reducing mobile data usage APP

Reducing data transfer
Reducing the data transfer on mobile devices
Website data transfer reducer minify the website content and contribute up to 10-15 times less data transfer. It reduce the mobile data of your phone.

The reducer downloads the text from the website without its css, javascript, images. The images could be show separately. Thus is used as much as possible less data transfer.

The Tool is perfect for slow mobile networks, for mb transfer limits, when heavy websites should be opened, and in abroad networks to save data transfer and reduces costs.

reduce data transfer
Minimize data transfer

To save the data transfer the tool has following limitations:
– Searchforms doesn’t work.
– Javascript functions doesn’t work.
– Another dynamic websites may cause functional problems.

Disclaimer: Some Websites may cause slow loading times, this means not that data is downloaded, it is due only on the website compression!

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Now you can download the website transfer reducer on the goole play store: DOWNLOAD