Extract. SDC Files

Are you familiar. SDC Files? And what can be extracted? Let me start with how I knew about the existence of “notorious” File Type.

SDC файл
SDC файл

University of Cologne (Rather Economic and Social Research Faculty WISO) found, that the university took part in the MSDN Academic Alliance Program (for more info see this site). This means that every cold is entitled to draw legal Microsoft software for free or huge discounts. Naturally benefit from the services and knocked some of the programs – The following procedure is to remove. exe file that starts downloading. SDC file, then it finishes downloading. SDC file unzip it into a standard. iso file and voila (kolkoto and bureaucratic yes sounds – It is unfortunately true). So I pulled 2 Windows (ger. Eng.) I lost access 2007 както и и накрая MSDN Library Visual Studio 2008 . XA! Yes, but not!

For visual studio tried to download it and every time after downloading 3.4 GB. extraction error in coming out and SDC file was deleted again… After 4 unsuccessful attempts I decided to look in the least famous guugal. Poraztarsih and behold I found something interesting – SDC unpacker (http://imagi.pl). In another browser as the extraction start this time off and standard snippet of time and turned on the console. С нея използвах горе позочения unpacker на imagi и всичко тръгна по вода 😀

Here's how you can use the code after you download it to your SDC file:

1. First you must turn the console on Windows (Start -> Run -> cmd)

2. Log into the directory where you downloaded. SDC file , to me it was C:\Temp

3. Start extracting the following commands:

UnpackSDC [име_на_SDC_файла] [директория_на_разархивиран_файл]

4. So a few seconds the job is completed, за кратък пример можете да погледнете скрийншота който съм прикачил 😉


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